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Effective Erectile Dysfunction treatment with Viagra or Cialis

The question to choose Viagra or Cialis erectionpills is a question many men around the globe ask themselves. While you could go deeply into medicines, sometimes the answer is quite simple! Where to start? Well in the beginning both Cialis as well as Viagra are produced by 2 well known and established pharmaceutical companies, Eli-Lilly produces Cialis and Pfizer produces the little blue pill "Viagra". So from that point of view the 2 pills do not differ too much. Also on terms of quality and functionality the 2 erectile dysfunction treatments are more or less the same - they both make sure you will get a Long Hard Erection for hours!

Buy Viagra Online
Buy Viagra Online

HOWEVER in this little word "hours" is the biggest difference between Viagra and Cialis. We are all convinced both Cialis and Viagra are quality impotence pills produced by well known and reliable pharma companies. However the duration of the medicine is different. While Viagra helps you to get a long hard erection for the full evening to have passionate sex with your sex-partner, Cialis stretches this time up to a new level: 36 HOURS! Yes you read it good, Cialis is able to give you the power for a long hard erection for up to 36 hours. It is not for nothing, that many men, people, scientists cal "Cialis" also the "Weekend pill" as it is works basically all weekend long. In this time difference of working, is also the little price difference between Viagra and Cialis. Because Cialis works longer and in that respect is more effective, the price is also higher than Viagra. However on the other hand, you do not always need an erection for 36 hours, so in many cases Viagra should be sufficient and very effective. Especially the Generic Viagra is very cheap available online ... At the end the choice is up to you and you know what you need!

Buy Cialis Online
Buy Cialis Online
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Buy Levitra Online

Should you do Surgery as Erectile Dysfunction treatment?

We all know the "Men's Health" is one of the most important facts in life, as it makes a men very happy to have a nice sexual life and very unhappy to have a very bad sexual life, without the confidence to be able to get and maintain a long hard erection. The same on the other hand is also valid for women of course. The may not need an erection as "we men", however they also need to enjoy and get excited. Read more about Women's Health and Female Viagra ...

Okay the very serious subject about surgery:

Surgery is a method of ED treatment that is usually chosen when nothing else works and you really tried everything. All other options of treatment brought to a big disappointment and frustration. Your Arteries and penis require repair when surgery is applied. In some cases penile implants are necessary. Penile implants regulate the erection process.

How do you get an erection?

Erection starts when blood flows to penis. Sexual stimulation brings to expansion of the arteries and blood enters the corpora cavernosa with sponge tissue. Penis is erected thanks to blood inflow. The compression of veins during the erection lets penis remain erected for some time. Then they relax and blood leaves penis.

If the person has ED problem, it means that there can be problems with blood circulation. Poor blood circulation makes the erection weak therefore pleasurable sex is impossible.

ED Surgery treatments

There are many options available for surgery, however we do not advice anyone. We really are against surgery and think you should really try and combine and right men's health meds as described above and otherwise check out other erection pills ...

However here the list of surgery options:

1. Vascular Surgery: Patients can repair or replace damaged blood vessels. Specialists differentiate 2 kinds of vascular surgery:

Artery bypass surgery or penile revascularization. This solution is good for patients with penile artery blockage.

Vein Ligation Surgery. This method is chosen when the blood does not stay in the penis to keep the erection and make the penis firm for some time to provide sexual intercourse.

2. Penile Implants

Penile prosthesis that is also called implant is a solution that is chosen by some men. Surgeons put implants to penis to let the patient have erection at required time.

Semi-rigid malleable implant of non-hydraulic type: This implant is a flexible rod that is made generally of stainless steel, plastic.

Inflatable implants of hydraulic type

There are two or three parts in the inflatable prosthesis. The surgeon places the cylinder into the penis. Pump is placed into the scrotum. The erection is achieved by means of pumping the fluid into the cylinders.

What type of surgery should you choose?

Well as stated before, we really do not recommend any surgery and just want to inform you. We advice you to stick to quality erection pills and try to find the best one working for you, alone or together with your doctor. Why not try Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, Kamagra or any other ED Treatment. Go to this trusted online pharmacy and you will soon be recovered from your erectile dysfunction problems forever!